Stainless Steel

Our Team at Lazco are experts when it comes to stainless steel fabrications and have the knowledge to consistently produce high quality and affordable stainless steel items relating to refrigeration and storage.

We utilize cutting edge technology and methods to produce stainless steel products for restaurants, supermarkets, hotels, cafes, luxury apartments, bakeries, butchers and even on ships and yachts.


We have a wide range of heavy-duty and well-crafted products featured below:

Stainless Steel Commercial Refrigeration 

It is often overlooked, but commercial refrigerators are used across many different industries.  They are more obviously used in restaurants, cafés, butchers and bars as these businesses centre around food.  Stainless steal commercial refrigerators are also widely used in hotels, in large worksites with cafeterias as well as offshore oil rigs, ships and luxury yachts.

At Lazco we specialize in building stainless steel commercial refrigerators that cater to our client requirements.  We can produce fully customizable solutions, including high-end residential cool rooms, industrial kitchens, marine refrigeration systems and commercial freezer rooms.  Servicing these items and emergency repairs is also an area where we have a great deal of expertise.  

Stainless Steel Blast Chillers 

Blast Freezers or Shock Freezers are able to rapidly chill food products.  They can cool food products below (5-60c) in a very short space of time. Air is blown at high velocity, so the core temperature of a food product is reduced.  A Blast Chiller will reduce the temperature under 5C, and a Blast Freezer will reduce the temperature below 18C. 

Lazco use an imported Italian line of blast freezers by Afinox that can not only freeze but heat, thaw and regenerate food produce. These types of freezers are extremely important as they help improve food safety standards.

Stainless steel luxury Domestic Refrigeration

Lazco can assist with luxury refrigeration cabinets catering to our client’s domestic needs.  We can create bespoke designs and build in any shape or size. Our cabinets can be used in both indoor and outdoor settings. They are durable, high quality and beautiful in design. 

Stainless Steel Cold Plates

Lazco has a wealth of experience in cold plate refrigeration.  Most commonly used by delicatessens, butchers and fishmongers.  These products are extremely well engineered.  Our custom cold plates are ideal for displaying food produce that are eye-catching and will help preserve the food, ideal for meats, salads and seafood. Our cold plates can be designed to be flat or angled.   Above all they are high-quality products and will prove themselves to be reliable for many years. 

Our cold plates are extremely functional as it can take a great deal of time to constantly load and empty food items at the beginning and end of the day.  Food can be placed in the cold plate for up to 24 hours.

Stainless Steel Freezer Cabinets

Freezer cabinets can be manufactured in any size requested by our client.  It can be a bench cabinet or an upright display cabinet.  We ensure high-grade insulation, lower running costs and refrigeration capacity are central to every freezer cabinet.   Depending on the model and client needs, temperatures can be controlled from -5 to -40. 

So many industries require freezer cabinets across Australia, and we have the experience to assist our clients fully.  While many of our clients have businesses cantering around food we can manufacture many freezer cabinets for the medical industry and scientific laboratories

Cold Wells and Food Buffets

Cold wells and food buffets are commonly seen in hotels, restaurants, cruise ships, hospitals and even school or worksites with large cafeterias.  They can keep food items cool and store food ready for service. Sandwiches, desserts, beverages and yogurts that need to be on display yet kept cool while on display are stored in cold well buffets.  Our cold wells are durable as many people will be interacting with them over the course of a typical day.

Stainless Steel Bain Maries

Lazco can manufacture bain maries in any shape or size.  These items are commonly seen at takeouts and food outlets and are used to display hot food items.  They are constructed in stainless steel and can be heated by lamps, wet or dry elements. Bain Maries can be crafted to match our client’s existing cabinets and at any length required.

Some clients prefer a curved glass screen, and others prefer a straight flat screen.  Food items can be displayed on one level or multiple levels and allow food items to be kept hot while at the same time being on display.

Stainless Steel Upright Display Cabinets

Like all of our products, Lazco can design upright display cabinets to any size and shape.  These quality products are ideal for displaying stored items with glass doors, making the stored items visible and providing easy access. Upright display cabinets are typically manufactured with stainless steel or colour bond material.  

Stainless Steel Underbench Cabinets

Considered an essential item in any commercial kitchen, pots, pans and cooking items need storage. 

Commercial cooking items are often heavy and occasionally banged about as they are often needed by a fast-moving cook. The storage needs to be tough and durable.

Our underbench cabinets are typically made from stainless steel or colour bond.  The doors can be solid or made from glass, and units can be fixed or have wheelbases so they can be moved easily if required.  

Stainless Steel Back Bar

Lazco manufacture strong efficient and reliable refrigeration units  available in one to four door counters.This line of refrigeration is built  to cope with the demands of a busy venue where staff are  continuously opening and closing doors. Back bars are  manufactured in stainless steel or stylish black coated steel.  Glass door units with LED lighting ensure an attractive display, while adjustable shelves enable different sized bottles and cans to be stored effectively.The temperature can be set to the desired temperature for the specific beverage being stored .Cabinets can be manufactured to any height, length or depth to suit the size of venue.

Feel free to contact our Team at Lazco for assistance 


So when it comes to stainless steel manufacturing and refrigeration our team at Lazco can be trusted to fully assist our clients.