Cold Plate Displays

Cold Plate Displays

Lazco specializes in the custom manufacture of cold plate displays. You can see our work in butchers, fish shops and delicatessen stores around Perth. With high-grade engineering, top quality materials and the clients needs in mind we can create a product to last the test of time.

Lazco custom cold plates can be made flat or angled. You can use these to display products for optimum sales and preservation. The cold plate keeps a constant 1 Celsius to 4 Celsius temperature. It is ideal for meats, seafood, salads and antipastos. The cold plate can also operate at a much lower temperature, if you require.

Butcher Cold Plate Displays

The cold plate also has a refrigerated base plate. A static coil controls cooling from above. Double glazed front glass with rear sliding door access allows for easy assessment for restocking and cleaning. Lazco designs suit any requirement, location and length. LED lighting is standard and will enhance product view.

Smaller cold plates can be self-contained. Refrigeration for longer displays, however, operates via a remote condensing unit. Lazco also constructs all units using food grade stainless steel commercial fittings and fixtures.

Custom Made Cold Plates

We custom design our cold plates with a refrigerated base. Lazco usually constructs the base from stainless steel with internal fitting of the copper piping. The copper piping allows even refrigeration of the base. The cold plates usually sit between 0 Celsius to -25 Celsius. Fully enclosing the cold plate display allows the entire display to be temperature controlled and all product to be protected from outside contamination.

You will no longer need to load and unload your stock display with a cold plate. You can display and store your valuable produce 24 hours a day. Your product will be better preserved in the cold plate display cabinet than a cool room that stores multiple product and has staff entering and exiting.

Meat Cold Plate Displays

You can utilise a cold plate for many other products, including:

  • Antipasto
  • Cold meats deli style
  • Fresh cut butcher meats
  • Ice cream
  • Sushi

Evaporator Cold Plates

Our custom evaporators feature force draft with low velocity fans to better conserve your product. The evaporators are aesthetically pleasing and finished off with a high quality stainless steel finish. It has low power consuming fans which in turn means a more energy efficient system. Temperature will remain consistent during very busy periods. This is an improvement on the more traditional static cross fin coil typical in cold plate displays. This is good for the product storage and preservation point but does not give the ability to recover in temperature as easily.

Lazco will manufacture your cold plate display using the highest quality materials including 304 or 316 grade stainless steel. We can single glaze or double glaze the glass. We recommend double glazed sliding doors with stainless steel castors. High density insulation and large drains allow for easy cleaning.

Lazco cold plate display are so durable that many of our customers are still using cold plates well after 15 years.