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Custom commercial grade refrigerated

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Lazco has been manufacturing underbench cabinets in Western Australia to enhance the efficiency and aesthetic of commercial kitchens for 40 years.

These cabinets are tailored to fit your unique needs, whether in stainless steel, color bond, or a blend of both, with options for glass or solid doors, and designed for either fixed placement or mobility on wheels.

Customisable Design for Optimal Performance

Tailor your under bench cabinet to your exact requirements:

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size and design flexibility

From small single-door to extensive multi-door cabinets.

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material and finish options

Choose from stainless steel, color bond, or combinations, with a color scheme to match your decor.

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customisable to suit your business

Lazco designs & manufactures to suit your specific needs.

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functionality features

Options for self-contained or remote operation, various door types including sliding and double-glazed, and special features like locking mechanisms.


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Long-Lasting Quality

Crafted with premium materials, designed,engineered & manufactured here in Western Australia, Lazco’s underbench cabinets are built to last, ensuring long-term reliability and performance.

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Customisation at Its Core

Every cabinet is customised to meet your specific needs in size, design, material, and functionality, ensuring a perfect fit for your space and operational requirements.

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Versatility & Efficiency

Whether on wheels for mobility or designed for fixed placement, our cabinets offer practical solutions with adjustable shelving, LED lighting, and digital temperature controls.

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In House Service & Warranty Support

Made in Australia, Serviced by Lazco. Backing our products is Lazco’s dedicated in house service team, with 7 days a week, 24 hours a day capabilities, ensuring peace of mind and continuous satisfaction.

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Your Success, Our Commitment

From conception to installation, our focus is on making your business thrive. We bring our extensive experience and dedication to each project, ensuring a seamless integration of our cold plates into your operation.


Discover the efficiency and style Lazco’s underbench cabinets bring to your workspace. Contact us to discuss how we can meet your specific refrigeration and design needs.

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