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Therapeutic Ice Baths




Lazco’s therapeutic ice baths are crafted to meet the highest standards of quality & performance. Designed & Engineered in-house by our team here in Perth, our custom ice bath’s are specifically designed to be used in commercial settings like gyms, wellness centers & sporting facilities.

Customisable Design to Match Your Brand

Our customisable design process is tailored to meet the unique needs of your business.

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Custom sizing & finishes

  • Available in various dimensions to fit different space requirements, accommodating single or multiple users.
  • Customisable external finishes & branding to align with your businesses branding.
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Robust Materials

  • Constructed using durable materials including internal stainless steel tub’s for long lasting use and easy maintenance.
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Advanced Cooling Technology

  • Precise temperature control: chill down to as low as 3deg, with chill down times in as low as 20 minutes
  • Efficient insulation: designed to maintain consistent temperatures for extended periods, ensuring an effective therapeutic experience.


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Muscle Recovery and Inflammation Reduction

Ideal for alleviating muscle soreness and reducing inflammation, essential in fitness and recovery centers.

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Circulation and Mental Clarity

Enhances blood circulation and provides mental clarity, making it an excellent addition to wellness and spa facilities.

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Mental Health Benefits

Cold immersion therapy has been known to improve mental clarity and focus, reduce stress and anxiety, and can stimulate endorphin release, contributing to enhanced mood and overall mental well-being.


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Long-Lasting Quality

Fabricated with high quality long lasting materials for commercial use our ice baths are built to last.

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Customisation at Its Core

Every product we create is customisable to fit your specific requirements, space, and aesthetics.

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A Core Focus on Practicality, Hygiene and Maintenance

Fitted standard with Digital controls, performance in mind & large drains make cleaning effortless.

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Innovative Technology

Incorporating the latest in cold therapy technology. Design & Engineered in Western Australia for heavy usage in our climatic conditions.

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In House Service & Warranty Support

Made in Australia, Serviced by Lazco. Backing our products is Lazco’s dedicated in-house service team, with 7 days a week, 24 hours a day capabilities, ensuring peace of mind and continuous satisfaction.

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Your Success, Our Commitment

From design to installation, our focus is on making your business thrive.


Interested in elevating your business with Lazco’s Australian Engineered Cold therapy ice baths? Contact us Today to discuss your requirements. Let us help your Health & fitness business move forward.

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