Freezer Cabinets

Freezer Cabinets

Lazco custom manufacture any freezer cabinets to any size, whether it be a 2 door under bench cabinet to a 4-door upright display. We build our freezers from the highest quality of materials. They also feature high grade insulation to increase refrigeration capacity and lower running costs. With temperature control ranging from -5 to -40 on different models, there is a freezer for any job. As a result, you can find Lazco freezers in almost every industry around Australia from:

  • Mining
  • Medical
  • Food and Beverage
  • Work sites
  • Cold storage facilities
  • Prisons
  • Government facilities
  • Laboratories

Lazco’s custom made upright freezer cabinets and upright fridge designs are perfect for any business operation. They are also ideal for commercial kitchens, medical buildings, mining camps, service stations, supermarkets, catering and florists.

Custom Freezer Cabinets and Upright Fridge

Lazco upright fridge and freezer cabinets are also available in single, two, three and four door models. Further, upright cabinets can be constructed in white, coloured colourbond or stainless steel. Adjustable shelving with different types are also available. We build our upright fridges and freezers on castors for easy moveability.

Lazco also supplies builds with both solid or glass doors. They feature top mount motors and environmentally friendly gas. Finally, temperature is controlled and adjustable for the product being stored.

Enquire if you have an area restriction and need a bespoke custom designed upright fridge or freezer.