Luxury Domestic Refrigeration

Luxury Domestic Refrigeration

Lazco tailors the luxury domestic refrigeration to home kitchens. We can build to any shape or size and provide you with a product that stands out. From under bench solutions, to fridge-freezer combinations, to state-of-the-art outdoor kitchens, Lazco has the solution you need! We design to serve both your cooking and storage requirements, and your kitchen space.

Lazco, Leaders in Luxury Refrigeration and Appliances

Built with a bespoke one of a kind design, these cabinets are equally as functional as they are beautiful. Featuring commercial-grade draws, LED lights and glass viewing panel. It is a must in any luxury kitchen. We also manufacture luxury domestic refrigeration cabinets suitable for indoor and outdoor kitchens.

Our luxury home refrigerators are outstanding appliances, with all the useful features you expect from a modern fridge. Lead a healthy, modern lifestyle with the best luxury refrigeration on the market. We ensure you secure longer last freshness than any other fridge on the market. Our team is adept at working with any kitchen configuration, so we can design the ideal unit for you!

We also have a wide range of finishes, from clean, stainless steel looks, to custom panels so you stay true to your kitchen decor. Maximise any space, today, with Lazco, leaders in appliance design.

Contact us today for further information on our range or to discuss your new refrigeration design, today!