Under Bench Cabinets

Under Bench Cabinets

A staple in every kitchen, the under bench cabinet is fundamental in a business. Lazco Custom manufacture every under bench cabinet to your specification. Whether it is built from stainless steel or colour bond, glass or solid doors, fixed or on wheels. The possibilities are endless at Lazco.

Lazco will design and manufacture each bench cabinet we build to suit your specific needs. We will work closely with you to manufacture your new bench cabinet. Being designed and custom made means that the cabinet is the exact one you need. The custom made cabinet will always be the better option to a pre-made cabinet.

Experts In Under Bench Cabinets

Our under bench cabinets are aesthetically pleasing, coming in modern, traditional, retro or classic designs. Cabinets can also have a stainless steel or colour bond finish powder coated to the colour scheme of your choosing, or a combination of the two. For example, a stainless steel exterior with a colour bond interior. Further, we construct bench cabinets on stainless steel legs, or castors, enabling ease of moveability.

Your under bench cabinet can be fully self-contained or operate remotely, with the motor elsewhere in the kitchen or even outside the building. We will fit the best unit to suit your requirements to your cabinet. Further, if you intend on using your cabinet for food preparation, you can have the hole cut out in the top bench space. This allows for stainless steel pots to rest in.

Inside your under bench cabinet are rows of adjustable plastic coated or metal wire shelving for storage. To ensure you are utilising your storage space to the greatest capacity, you may also choose to have either drawers or doors in your refrigerated storage space. The drawers can extend out to just under the depth of the cabinet, and you will be using predominantly stainless steel pans for storage.

Further, the doors of your bench cabinet may be double glazed glass doors (clear or frosted glass) or solid doors (stainless steel or colour bond). Sliding doors are also available. We provide a choice of various heavy duty handles to suit the location and purpose. Special locking mechanisms for cabinets are also available. These are only accessible by some for medical or industrial needs.

LED or strip lighting in your storage space to display product where needed. Lazco also provides pass through models.

Under Bench Manufacture

We design exactly what you want using high-quality materials ensuring sturdy construction and longevity.  Lazco cabinets can be made to any size you desire, from a small single door cabinet to a larger five-door cabinet, to one that stretches the entire length of your kitchen. We can also fabricate angled cabinets to fit into awkward corners. Our under bench cabinets feature digital temperature controls. We commission and install these for easy self-regulation of unit temperatures.

Further, our bench cabinets comply with strict Australian health regulations. Great after sales support by Lazco’s Service Department, on hand 24 hours a day should any problems arise. All bench cabinets have an identification number plate and feature Lazco’s complimentary 2 year warranty.