Lazco Refrigeration


Upright display cabinets can be manufactured to any size or shape, built out of either colour bond or stainless steel. Used in almost every industry these cabinets serve a functional purpose of accessing products easily. Adjustable shelves allow products to be stored neatly and the option of glass doors mean you can always see inside your fridge or freezer.

Our display fridge will keep your product at a constant required temperature. Our displays are designed to optimise your sales. Lazco construct custom designed display counter cabinets for bakeries, butcher shops, delis, cafes, supermarkets and service stations. Lazco can manufacture cold, dry or hot commercial display cabinets to suit your business requirements.

Custom Display Fridge

Our display fridges are custom designed, which means you get to choose exactly what you want. We can customise the height, width and depth for you.We will create a design for you or we can manufacture to your own design. Choose from modern, contemporary, traditional or retro designs to suit your businesses theme. You can preview your Cabinet in 2D and 3D technical drawings.

Display Fridge Manufacture

Our display fridge and cabinets are manufactured using first class craftsmanship. We manufacture our cabinets using only the best brand components and highest quality materials. Display fridges can be finished in stainless steel, normal, polished, remix (rippled), swirled, coloured finishes, colour bond or a combination of the two i.e. colorbond rear, stainless steel interior and front. Display fridges can have single or double glazed glass fronts. The profile or shape of your fridge can be straight, square, sloped or curved glass design. Lazco offer many styles to choose from.

Your display fridge can have hinged or sliding doors. Both options allow for either front or rear access. The shelving can be made from glass, wire, solid stainless steel, galvanized or powder coated. Shelves can be fixed or adjustable. Cabinets can have one or many shelves for displaying your product. Draw systems function for ease of assessing product and cleaning and are an alternative to traditional door systems. You can have both doors and drawers for your display fridge. It can also have fixed legs or on castors for easier movability.

Display Fridge Options

Display cabinets can be refrigerated, being fan cooled or with a cross fin coil if you are storing products such as cake and sandwiches. Ambient displays and dry displays for storing products such as bread. We also design hot cabinets heated for pies and pasties.

We use highest quality refrigeration equipment in all our display fridges and cabinets. The cabinets can be fully self-contained with the motor on the side of the cabinet. Large cabinets are operated remotely with the motor located elsewhere in your business or even outside the building. To gain more working space, we can convert the underneath of your display cabinet into a storage space. Open shelving or closed refrigeration storage can be beneath the glass display cabinet.