Maintenance & Emergency Call Outs

Maintenance & Emergency Call Outs

At Lazco we understand the importance of your business. Downtime and high running costs can be a burden on efficiency, which is why maintenance is so important. Temperature is also critical in the food and beverage industry, health inspections are now becoming more frequent. Having a maintenance plan will also help you stay on top of bacteria and contaminants in your fridges.

Maintaining your existing refrigeration is important as it not only keeps product at the correct temperature but it extends the life of your commercial refrigeration. 

Maintenance & Emergency Call Outs Service

We work with:

  • All cool room, fridge or freezer door repairs, service, upgrades and replacements
  • Glass door repairs and new glass panels for your commercial refrigeration
  • Cool room and freezer room wall and ceiling repairs
  • Door seals (gasket replacement to ensure better closure and energy efficiency of all units)
  • Strip curtains, night covers or blinds for security or better efficiency
  • Door hinges and door tracks
  • Handles for all units – by matching existing or upgrades to modern handles
  • New shelving, shelving clips and hardware
  • Silicone seal or on-site welding to damaged panel joints
  • Re-skinning of display cabinets to modernise existing units
  • Condensing units and evaporators replacement and repairs

We also offer maintenance plans for all your commercial and industrial refrigeration.

  • Re-claiming gas and re-gassing of existing units – strict guidelines, Arc registered
  • Cleaning of all condenser and evaporators at regular intervals to ensure the best efficiency

Lazco also has a large range of spare parts available. As a result, we can revamp your existing equipment. Contact us today for further information on our maintenance & emergency call outs!